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What is SEO?

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the study and application of the formulas, also known as algorithms, that search engines like Google use to determine a websites position in the organic section of the results page when a search is performed. This science includes understanding why a website appears for a search and how changes to the content, link structure, and other internal code can impact the positioning of a website for specific keywords.

The difference between basic SEO and advanced SEO techniques is the amount of work, time, and development necessary to achieve desired results. Our approach to SEO is to place your website in the top spots of the Google search results for keywords relevant to your industry AND keywords that have a high search volume in the geographic location that you are targeting.

Numerous studies have found that out of 100 searches performed 70 clicks will be directed towards the organic section of the search engine. Additionally, the top 3 organic positions in a search results page receive the majority of those 70 clicks.

Understanding LOCAL SEO and NATIONAL SEO

Local SEO or geographic search engine optimization, is the service that the majority of small business owners need in order to direct consumers looking for goods and services to their website. Think of is as placing an ad in the local phone book under a specific heading. Most websites in the internet lack the logic that Google needs to index their website under the proper heading. In other words, Local SEO is the service that places your website in the results of searches related to services that you offer. Your needs can range from one time SEO to monthly SEO. This is determined by the amount of competition for highly searched keywords related to your industry. Local SEO can best be illustrated by the following type of searches:

  • - Keyword+city
  • - Keyword+city+state
  • - Keyword+Keyword+city+state

National SEO is the service that places your website in the search resultrs for keywords across a country, regardless of the searchers physical location in that country. National SEO and Broad Searches go hand in hand and are generally the same concept. National SEO is for companies looking to be placed in the organic listings for the following type of searches:

  • - Keyword
  • - Keyword+Keyword
  • - Keyword+Keyword+Keyword
  • Google SEO

    Did you know that Google uses more than 200 signals, including their patented PageRankā„¢ algorithm, to examine the entire link structure of your website and determine which pages are most important?

    These 200 signals and the Google Algorithm are constantly changing and in order to keep your website relevant and in the top of search results, you need to keep your website updated with constant fresh content.

    Pagerank, Site Popularity, Inbound links, Keyword Density, Site Structure, and Content are some of the 200 signals that google uses to determine how to index and position a website.

    Since Google accounts for more than 67% of all internet searches month after month, Google's page rank technology is our area of expertise. Our staff includes a number of fulltime SEO experts that provide more than 10 years of SEO experience

    Yahoo! SEO

    Most people think of Yahoo as a search engine, and it is. But it's also a web directory. For this reason, Yahoo tends to rank directory websites higher than relevant websites. A long time ago, Yahoo used Google to search its directory of links. Now, Yahoo ranks pages and websites through a combination of website popularity and content. Yahoo's search technology is just as much a secret as Google's, but it is not quite as accurate or relevant as Google.

    The Yahoo network accounts for more than 2.4 billion searches every month. This makes up a little over 20% of all searches performed monthly. Yahoo is the second most used search engine in the United States and it provides an extra revenue stream for all of our clients.


    Content is King and that is particularly true for MSN. The more pages, information, pictures, and information that your website provides, the higher you will show up on the MSN search engine. MSN relies heavily on web-site content for ranking purposes.

    MSN search results show more of a tendency to weigh content, page layout, website infrastructure and higher keyword density than Google.

    Bing is gaining ground on the two major search engines. Microsoft is unlikely to sit back and be happy with a small share (around 10%) of the market. We optimize for Bing in order to ensure that you get beneficial results from their search engine.

    There is a lot of information and rules that you need to keep up with in order to Increase your websites search engine visibility. It is possible to optimize pages and content for all of the major search engines if done properly and carefully. Here at Spiderboost we pride ourselves on understanding how search engines operate and we stay up to date with the latest changes and updates to the technology that ranks your website.

    Spanish SEO

    Optimizing a website for foreign languages and countries is very different and more complex than optimizing a website for the United States. For starters, there are a number of steps that need to be taken prior to launching a website that allow the search engines to determine the Country and Language that your website is serving. Some of the information that you need to take into account is the domain name hosting the website, the server location, and many other variables. Spanish SEO is our specialty and through our years of experience we have learned methodology that will help you benefit greatly. Please contact spiderboost today for more information.

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