Brown & Brown, Inc. (BRO) is a leading insurance brokerage firm, providing risk management solutions to individuals and businesses. Their website was created out of necessity and was not thought out properly – growing overtime to become unmanageable. As a result, the website was lacking a consistent look and feel, and logical user experience.

In addition, new WCAG 2.0 level AA guidelines that required compliance became a requirement for website development in 2018. As the face of a company with many website properties, this site had to be the example that sets the precedence for the rest of the affiliated brands. They also needed to improve the accessibility and functionality of their website to support a stronger digital strategy. The company selected SpiderBoost Communications to revamp its digital brand presence and create a new standard for the 240 offices across the United States.

Brown & Brown Corporate Breakout Strategy

The SpiderBoost team took a best-in-class data approach to web design, integrating best practices around user experience and interface design, as well as a content strategy based on consumer search intent. From the data we gathered, we were able to create a data-driven digital strategy, leveraging Brown & Brown’s analytics and customer insights.

After we conducted our analysis, we were able to identify the top content that users were most interested in. We used this insight to create an enhanced mobile experience by focusing on jobs, locations, and investors in the mobile thumb zone. By planning out the content and site structure around the top content – we positioned Brown & Brown corporate as experts in their field.

By planning out the content and site structure around the top content – we positioned Brown & Brown corporate as experts in their field.


  • Create a new website with a fresh mobile-first design and optimize the website for user intent, based on the brand guidelines we created
  • Implement a fully responsive solution backed by WordPress CMS
  • Increase search volume through on-page SEO to boost overall traffic
  • Improve overall aesthetic and user experience to establish credibility and make the site more engaging Conduct keyword research to ensure created copy is keyword-rich to capture the target audience
  • Work with NASDAQ to integrate their investor relations sections into the theme of the website
  • Created a robust interface for finding a Brown & Brown location near you
  • Build and create a careers section that lives on the website, where people can search for specific jobs, filtered by job category, the state in which they work, and for any particular division
  • Create custom news API which pulls in news dynamically from the NASDAQ news feed and automatically publishes it to the website


The team has hit the ground running – the new website is engaging and a better reflection of Brown & Brown’s brand personality. The responsive design makes it easy for visitors to seamlessly navigate their services and careers on all devices. The addition of a news section provides an opportunity to add thought leadership that will drive traffic and support Brown & Brown’s subject matter expertise, while the services area provides a much more accessible overview of their work.

By setting up robust tracking systems in the locations database, we are able to determine what kinds of searches are being conducted and how often, providing intelligence to Brown & Brown that previously did not exist. With a strong foundational SEO, their website has seen steady increases in organic search traffic every month since launch – driving more new users to the website than ever before.